Friday, April 24, 2015

What's included in T-Man and the Game...

Like I said yesterday, I wrote this book specifically for my son after talking to him about the things he likes best about a sports book. So what are those things? Who would like to read this book? Well, here's what's included:

1) Lots of basketball action. My son's biggest complaint with sports books is that he has to read five chapters before there's even a single basketball game. That's not a problem with this book as it's jam packed with basketball.

2) Something to make you laugh. When there's a break in the basketball action, the interaction between the characters is comical. They have a fun relationship.

3) Clean book without mature themes. Some of my son's favorite authors tend to get a little too mature for him. So, this book doesn't feature any of that.

4) The growth of the main character, Tommy, as the season progresses.

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