Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The story behind T-Man and the Game

I never really expected that I'd write a kids book. Well, shoot, I never really expected that I'd write any book at all, but definitely not a kids book. But I also never expected that my son would be a sports book reading maniac. Tim Green - he's read them all. Mike Lupica - breezed through those. Cal Ripken, Ryan Howard, he's read them all. He's even tackled most of the Matt Christopher books. A problem that he's been running into is that the material is starting to be a little too mature for a first grader.

So I decided I needed to get busy. My son, of course, polished off my book in an evening. Seemed like a lot of work for something that he finished so quickly, but he still talks about the story line with me all the time. That makes it worth it!

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