Saturday, March 16, 2013

Toddler Toons Power Rankings

Lurking through the Twitterverse and Facebook Nation it's become obvious that some of you need some help. It's understandable. You're new parents. The cartoon world has changed. Well, as a savvy five year veteran of the new-age cartoon world I'm here to help you out.

1) Backyardigans - Good songs. Periodic adult humor thrown in. Funny names like Uniqua. What's not to like?

2) Sesame Street - This ain't your daddy's Sesame Street. Somehow the show is now funny. I can neither confirm nor deny the rumor that a character in my book is based off of Grover. Only downfall is that it's extremely Politically Correct.

3) Little Einsteins - Maybe it's the fact that I enjoy the music. Maybe it's the fact that Quincy cracks me up. Most likely it's the fact that both of my kids will sit still and watch it. Works for a 4 year old AND a 2 year old.

4) Super Why - Educational, which is always good. Plus, when Chloe says the name it sounds like Pooper Pie. Ha, Pooper Pie.

5) Dora/Diego Combo - Really they're the same thing. Getting low on the enjoyability level now, except that I enjoy mispronouncing Spanish words over and over again.

6) Blue's Clues - I can talk like Blue. I also do a mean Mr. Salt.

7) Team Umizoomi - Yes, I really did give my 7th graders extra credit for watching Team Umizoomi and recording all of the math terms they heard...

8) The Wonder Pets - I love talking like Ming Ming. I don't think my wife does...

Last Place) Yo Gabba Gabba. This show is just strange. It is banned from my house. That's right, I put the foot down! Shows you my immense power in the household.

Feel free to disagree. Just know that you're wrong...

Friday, March 8, 2013

Twins review

Here's a link to another nice article about my book.