Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Holiday Power Rankings

'Tis the season, so here we go. Your updated 2012 holiday power rankings.

1) Christmas - There's really no argument here. Christmas is like the Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls. As long as MJ's playing(Santa), it's just no contest.

2) Easter - Did you know that Easter/Good Friday isn't a federal holiday? Just a state holiday in several states. I'm still counting it because I normally get Easter Monday off too so it feels like a holiday to me. A clear second fiddle.

3) Thanksgiving - Now things are tightening up a little bit, but the extra black friday off puts Turkey Day in the three spot. Stuffing helps, too.

4) 4th of July - Summer. Fireworks. Parades. Stewartville 5k run. What's not to like?

5) Memorial Day - The unofficial beginning of summer, and you know how this blogger likes his summer.

6) Labor Day - A final nice, warm weekend before summer ends.

7) New Year's Day - Gets screwed over by its proximity to Christmas. If New Year's was like in February or March it would climb the rankings. Bad time slot - like being televised opposite Seinfeld.

8 tie) MLK Jr. and Prez. Day - I get an alternating one of you off each year so you two tie. Deal with it.

10)Veterans Day - Again, no day off. But, the it being for the Vets keep it out of the 11 hole.

11) Columbus Day - What have you done for me lately Christopher?

That's it. Discuss...


  1. My only beef is with your diss of New Years. Doesn't New Years get you an extra few days off? Especially if it's on the right day of the week?

  2. Yeah, it might get me an extra day or two, but it's after a break already and it just means the break is ending. Plus, I can't stay up past midnight anymore, anyway!