Monday, October 29, 2012

Book signing

First of all, I better make sure I don't type it as a book singing. I just do that. Part of me must prefer to sing than to sign. Every time I write sub notes for school I have to double check that I'm not assinging homework instead of assigning it. I'm sure the sub can figure out what I mean, but I don't like stupid little mistakes. In fact, this paragraph above took me twice as long as usually because I'm so hung up on checking the order of my "gn". There are probably 17 other grammatical errors in here because of my concentration on the "gn". Oh well....

Back to the point, when people find out I wrote a book the first question 90% of the time is if I'll be having a book signing. Yes, there will be one at some point, hopefully soon. However, if you want a book signed and you know me, just let me know and I'll sign a copy for you. Even if you don't know me I can get one signed and mailed to you, it just will cost a little more for postage. But, for some people, that little scribble seems to be important. Makes their heart sing I guess.

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  1. Every time I type "receive" I have to recite in my head "I before e, except after c..." But strangely that's the only "ie" or "ei" word I have any trouble with.